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Theo Petelov
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Theo Petelov

917-455-1195 :: ::


Not A Word /Lead/ Dir.Damien Nougadere
Sex Blood and Fairytales /Supporting/ Dir. Yelena Sabel
My Friends Call Me Uncle /Supporting/ Dir. BNT


The Blacklist /Guest Star/ Dir. Michael Dinner
Happy Hour Feminism (Digital) /Recurring/ Dir. Anna Fishbeyn


Please Look Into The Camera /Lead/ Dir. A. Stathaki
Lost In Space /Lead/ Dir. P.Varbanov
Belgrade Trilogy /Lead/ Dir.D. Villada
Stage Door /Supporting/ Dir. Adriana Baer
Gosfort's Fete /Lead/ Dir. Michael Delaney
Talk In The Park /Lead/ Dir. Stella Powell-Jones
Waiting For Godot /Lead/ Dir. T.Petelov, I.Dragiev
The Lover /Lead/ Dir. Peter Varbanov
The Pillowman /Lead/ Dir. S. Murjev
Of Mice And Men /Lead/ Dir. Y. Kastratovic
Camino Real /Lead/ Dir. P. Varbanov
The Seagull /Lead/ Dir. S. Murjev


Atlantic Acting School Conservatory Training
BA National Academy For Theatre and Film Arts, Bulgaria

Performance Technique, Suzuki/Viewpoints, Voice, Speech, Alexander Technique, Script Analysis, Improv, Comedy, On-Camera, Shakespeare, Moliere, & Chekhov
Master Classes David Mamet, Scott Zigler, Mary McCann, Kristen Johnston, Todd Thaler , Henry Wishcamper, Josh Pais, Cynthia Silver, Charles Tuthill, Clark Gregg, Amanda Brennon


English,French, Bulgarian, Macedonian; Accents: Russian, Bulgarian, French, Puerto Rican, Turkish.
Voice-Overs for Disney, SONY, Rai Uno; Singing, Fencing, Stage Combat, Painting, Cooking, Bar-tending, Kickboxing (excellent), Swimming (professional), Wind-Surfing, Wrestling.