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Theo Petelov
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For the past 7 years Theo has been teaching and coaching actors internationally. His students have been accepted in some of the most prestigious acting schools and theater ensembles both in Europe and the US such as Royal Central School of Speech and Drama/U.K./, Stella Adler Studio/NYC/ and The National Academy for Theater and Film Arts/Bulgaria/.

Theo has taught a variety of classes and workshops with The WhiteListed Theatre Company, The Free Theater, Borough of Manhattan Community College and others.


I have been working with Theo for more than 5 years. He is a brilliant actor and as a coach he completely understands where we-actors are coming from! He knows all about self-doubt, self-awareness and the voice in your head and knows how to remove those barriers quickly and effectively. That's exactly what I need before auditions - quick tips/notes that I can incorporate on the next day.

Acting is meant to be fun and free and that's what the process with Theo is- joyous and easy! Following that main principle of acting, results soon came my way thanks to his coaching! Theo helped me get into one of the top Drama schools in the UK-Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Of course he uses conventional techniques of breaking down the text and David Mamet's formula of "As If" but also some demanding physical work. What's great about that is that I as an actress attack/deal with the text both mentally and physically. I work much better through embodiment and that's what's wonderful about the work with Theo. Theo is very approachable, easy to work with and a never ending source of creative energy and power!

Marietta Melrose

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